Goals and envisaged activities of PGREF
- Promoting cooperation and knowledge transfer in the fields of RE and EE:
- Facilitating business-to-business and business-to-government links and joint ventures for international projects (service centres).
- Promoting exchange on RE & EE legislation, policies and guidelines.
- Introducing Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) in model RE & EE projects.
- Creating an Online Knowledge Resource Center providing relevant information and contacts.
- Running adaptable task forces on specific RE & EE topics, e.g. net-metering, mini-hydro, academic exchanges.

- Informing foreign investors of business opportunities in Pakistan and simultaneously informing Pakistan’s stakeholders of the    

  opportunities in the field of RE & EE
- Assisting investors, traders and project developers with data provision, process help and business advice and an exchange platform on

  business opportunities.
- Organizing exhibitions of German RE & EE technologies to promote the high-quality Tier-1 products in the Pakistani market.
- Improving quality through the introduction of solar PV and battery passports.

Capacity development and trainings
- Identifying training demands of the Pakistani market.
- Developing capacities to create a functional Energy Service Company (ESCo) market and reducing energy consumption through Energy Management Systems (EnMS).
- Supporting creation of an educational Energy Resource Centre (in an energy efficient building).
- Offering tailor-made capacity development on project management and quality management.
- Establishing local training institutions of German standards focusing on improved quality in the solar PV value chain.


Members and partners
• Alternative Energy Development Board (AEDB), Ministry of Water & Power, Government of Pakistan
• Energy Department, Government of the Punjab
• Solar Quality Foundation (SQF)
• German Solar Association (Bundesverband Solarwirtschaft, BSW)
• German Pakistan Trade & Investment (GPTI)

• German Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry (GPCCI) shares the mission to promote, develop and further the economic well-being of members by providing a collective voice in advocacy to represent and protect member’s interest, as well as quality services to help members enhance their competitiveness and success in their businesses thereby contributing significantly to the economic progress of both nations.


 PGREF Structure 2017


The Pakistani RE market offers great potential for investment

Pakistan, located on the global sun-belt with a daily irradiation an average of 6 kWh/m2, has excellent RE conditions, specifically for solar PV (with over 300 days/year of stable sunshine in large parts of the country). Parts of the country also have considerable wind power potential, especially in the wind-corridor in Sindh. In 2015, Pakistan imported 800 MW worth of solar PV panels, most of which, however, are of poor quality. The local market requires high-quality, highly efficient products as provided by German technology and expertise in order to sustainably develop and expand the contribution of RE sources to the country’s energy mix.


Conducive Environment for investment in RE
1. National Power Policy (NPP), 2013 Two major goals:
a. Reducing the power shortage in Pakistan
b. Moving towards an optimal energy mix by incorporating more renewable energy sources; namely solar, wind, small-hydro, and bio-energy.
2. Renewable Energy Policy, 2006
a. Guaranteed electricity purchase.
b. Protection against political risks and changes in the law.
c. Financial incentives: Attractive ‘Cost Plus Tariff’; Feed-in-Tariffs for wind power, solar PV, bagasse power projects; custom duty and tax incentives on imports of equipment.
d. High return on investment.
3. Net-Metering Policy, 2015
a. The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) has approved and put into effect a net-metering policy for solar and wind power of up to 1 MW.
b. Framework for the regulation of Distributed Generation by renewable energy resources.


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