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The Prime Minister of Pakistan, on January 3, 2018, addressed the nation on the occassion of net-metering launch ceremony. Although NEPRA approved the net-metering regulations in September 2015, it initially faced some resistance at different levels of implementation. Moreover, the community at large was not aware about the concept of net-metering. However, after technical capacity building and push from the federal and provincial departments, net-metering took off in late 2016. Since then, a lot of private consumers have installed solar PV systems at their rooftops and are enjoying the benefits of net-metering.

To kick net-metering off, the first application was submitted by the Parliament House of Pakistan for a 1MWp solar PV system, generating electricity for local use as well as to supply to the grid. NEPRA has given licenses to hundreds of consumers to supply excess electricity to the grid. Moreover, efforts are being made to increase awareness among the masses about net-metering and the potential of having a system on the rooftop. As the awareness is increasing, the number of rooftop PV systems is also increasing. The details about the licenses issues to date can be found here

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, the Chairman Ministry of Energy (Power Division), and the CEO AEDB all seem very optimistic about the future of net-metering and the impacts of green energy on the climate.



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