Dependency on off-grid solar system

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11 months 1 week ago #16085 by isakshisinghal
isakshisinghal created the topic: Dependency on off-grid solar system
Hello Everyone. How much can we rely on off-grid solar system? If we want ourselves to get completely from on-grid solar system what are steps I should consider?

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11 months 1 week ago #16086 by farheen
farheen replied the topic: Dependency on off-grid solar system

A complete reliance on solar system is costly if you have grid access in your area. This is because of two reasons:
i) During the night time, and in case you have grid outages in your area, you would need batteries. Storage technologies are costly nowadays, however, efforts are being put in to increase the storage capacities and reduce the cost of storage. Having access to grid during night times would allow you to take electricity from the grid during the night and not use huge battery banks to support the appliances at your home.
ii) Secondly, if you want to run all your appliances on a solar PV system, you would have to install a bigger system and at times, you would be out of your house or might be using less appliances than you have. In that case, the excess energy produced by the PV system would go to waste.

The best approach to using or installing a solar system is to keep it connected to the grid for the mutual benefit of the national grid and yourself. You can install a system that fulfils all your needs and connect it to the national grid through 'net-metering'. This way, you will sell all the excess electricity to the grid and you will be able to use grid's electricity rather than using batteries during night times when the solar would not work. The utility bill that you will get at the end of the month would be a net of the units that your solar system produced and supplied to the grid and the units that you used.

Unless you live in an off-grid area, cutting off from the grid is not a good deal. You can sell electricity to the grid through your solar and not waste it.

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