Webinar: Variable Renewable Energy and Power Grid Management

In Jul 2020 in Pakistan and Germany (virtual)

Monday, July 27, 2020
5:00 pm PST | 2:00 pm CET | 6:00 am MT

Total Duration: 2 Hours
Audience: Experts from Power Sector including Power Division, AEDB, NEPRA, NTDCL, CPPA-G, DISCOs, etc.  

The Power Sector in Pakistan is going to take a new shape since the Federal Government has pledged to increase the share of renewable power generation from current 5% to 20% by 2025 and 30% by 2030. Besides rendering an opportunity to capitalize clean, affordable, indigenous, abundantly available and reliable source of energy, a high share of renewable power pose grid management challenges due to their variable nature (wind and solar PV). The power sector experts in Pakistan are of the view that a high share of variable renewable energies would result in increased risk to the security and stability of the power system. However, at the same time, it is evident that globally, several successful examples indicate safe and secure grid operations with a high share of renewable energy is very much possible. This webinar is arranged to learn from the global experiences that how different countries are managing their grid systems with a high share of renewable energies, what best practices they have adopted, and what improvements have been incorporated in conventional power management tools. The experts engaged in this webinar will enlighten the audience about power management tools and technological innovations that are key to ensure safe and reliable grid operations under a high share of renewable energy, industry trends, and leading practices of this sector.  

Dr. Irfan Yousuf, Consultant (RE), NEPRA

Ms. Arina Anisie,
IRENA Innovation and Technology Centre,
Bonn, Germany

Dr. Han Rui,
Siemens AG
Smart Infrastructure, Digital Grid, Distribution & Decentral Systems
SI DG PTI DDS Erlangen, Germany  

Mr.  Karl-Heinz Toenges,
8.2 Renewable Energy Experts Hamburg GmbH,
Hamburg, Germany

Webinar Program Agenda:  
Session 1:
Presentations by Experts: 75 minutes
Each presenter will deliver a 25 minutes presentation

Session 2:  
Q&A Sessions: 45 minutes
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